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Interesting Facts:    


  • 1675, the population of Witless Bay is 34.

  • 1700's, Irish fishing servants begin arriving in the area and quickly start to outnumber the English

  • 1755, as Roman Catholicism is still outlawed in Newfoundland, priests disguised as fishermen, minister to the spiritual needs of the community.

  • 1836, the first official census of Newfoundland puts the population at 542, of which 540 were Roman Catholic.

  • 1845, Roman Catholic Church opens.

  • 1860, the Presentation Sisters open a convent and a school for girls.

  • 1871, population reaches 928.

  • 1960's, people are re-settled from Gallows Cove at the southern headland of Witless Bay to the community of Witless Bay.

  • 1986, Witless Bay is incorporated

  • 2006 Census Population: 1070  

  • 2016 Census Population: 1619

Witless Bay fair - 1967
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