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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

AMENDMENT #4: CLOSING DATE TUESDAY, JULY 12th at 12PM. Tender packages can be requested from the Town of Witless bay at


Closing date to be extended as council seeks clarification on scope of work from an outside consultant. Once scope of work is completed new closing date will be posted.

AMENDMENT #2: Clarification of document submission "Instruction to Bidders"

Respondents may submit quotes by email to or fax to 709.334.2377. Lowest or any bid not necessarily accepted. The deadline for responses i Tuesday, June 28th at 12pm.

AMENDMENT # 1: Clarification of scope of work to be completed & Closing Date Extended

Closing date extended to Tuesday, June 28th 2022

-Construction of new outfield and warning track (sidelines redone: dug down far enough to remove existing weeds, new sand to be placed.)

-Picnic Area to be grubbed and cleared

-Traffic Barrier at entrance of parking lot to control traffic

-Replace infield sand (dug down far enough to remove existing, weeds, new dand to be placed. Estimated amount of sand required - 151 Tonne - 202 Tonne, Ball field Sand )

-Netting around field down 1st and 3rd baselines

-50ft past 1st and 3rd bases left high

Estimated Equipment needed to complete work:

-Mini Excavator and Skid steer for replacement of sand

-Roller needed and water to roll in new sand

Project: ACOA Witless Bay Softball Field Site Work Closing Date: ____06/24/2022_______

Witless Bay Softball Field

The Town of Witless Bay is requesting quotes on the following work to be completed on the town softball field:

- Construction of new outfield warning track - Picnic Area with Tables - Traffic Barrier - Replace infield sand

Respondents may submit quotes by email to or fax to 709.334.2377. Lowest or any bid is not necessarily accepted. The deadline for responses is 12:00pm, Friday, June 24th

Instruction to Bidders

a. Envelopes containing the Tender are to be clearly marked: “Tender for Softball Field Site Work” P.O. Box 130 Witless Bay, NL A0A 4K0

b. The Tender must be sealed in an envelope containing no mark from which the identity of the Bidder may be ascertained.

c. Tenders are to be delivered no later than 12:00 p.m. on June 24th, 2022.

d. Tenders will be opened in Office immediately following the closing time of 12:00 p.m. on June 24th, 2022.

e. Before submitting a Tender, Bidders shall carefully examine the Tender documents and the site of the proposed work, and be fully aware of the existing conditions and limitations. No allowance under the Tender documents will be considered for any Bidder who has failed to become familiar with all aspects of the work.

f. The Town of Witless Bay will not reimburse any Bidder for any expenses incurred in the preparation and submission of the Tender.

TENDER DOCUMENTS a. Should the Bidder find during the examination of Tender Documents, omissions or conflicts in, or among the Tender Documents, or be in doubt as to their meaning, the Bidder will bring questions to the attention of the Town Clerk before the closing date for Tenders. The Clerk will consult with Council and where information sought is not clearly indicated or specified, will issue a clarifying addendum, which will become part of the Tender Document.

COMPLETION OF TENDER FORM a. All bids must include HST.

UNSUCCESSFUL TENDERS Tenders received after the Tender Closing Time will be rejected.

ACCEPTANCE OF TENDER a. The Town does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. b. Upon the written acceptance by the Town of a Tender, said letter of acceptance, together with the Tender, shall constitute a contract binding of both parties. The Contractor will then be required to execute the Service Contract.

AMENDMENTS TO TENDER Properly documented amendments to the Tender will be permitted up to the Tender Closing Time. Amendments documents by facsimile will be accepted.

WITHDRAWAL OF TENDERS Bids may be withdrawn without penalty if the request is received prior to the Tender Closing Time. Requests for withdrawal documented by facsimile will be accepted

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