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Public Meeting of Council, August 9th at 730pm.

The next Public Meeting of Council will be held August 9th at 730pm. The draft agenda can be found below!


Public Meeting of Witless Bay Council

August 9, 2022 @ 7:30pm

To join by phone 1-855-342-6455, Conference ID #9767707

1. Call to order

2. Adoption of Agenda of August 9, 2022

3. Adoption of Public Meeting Minutes July 12, 2022

4. Adoption of Privileged meeting minutes July 12, 2022

5. Adoption of Special Public Meeting Minutes of July 25, 2022

6. Business Arising from Minutes

a) Adoption of Special Public Meeting Minutes of June 14, 2022 ( Deferred On July, 12th)

b) Adoption of Special Public Meeting Minutes of June 28, 2022 ( Deferred on July, 12th)

7. Correspondence & Other Business:

a) Legal notice O’Brien’s – Information only

b) Request for dedication/memorial on Trail – Information Only

c) Legal Notice Alderwood estates – information only


8. Public Works and Infrastructure:

a) 109-115 Deans Road – Development permit - Installation of driveway and grubbing of land

9. Payable charts:

a) Town expenses

b) Fire Department expenses

10. Fire Department:

a) Update

11. Recreation:

a) Update

12. Heritage:

a) Update

13. ATV Committee:

a) Update

14. New Business:

a) Appointment of ATIPP Head – Geraldine Caul

b) Appointment of ATIPP Coordinator – Katherine Doyle

c) Appointment of ATIPP Alternate Coordinator – Cassie O’Rielly

d) Award tender for Town Planner

15. Adjournment:

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